10 Ways Your Rabbit Shows You Love

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By Larry

Rabbits make the most adorable pets, Even if they don’t like to cuddle much, they still have special ways of telling you “I love you.” Keep an eye out for these 10 Ways Your Rabbit Shows You Love.

1. Binkying

Have you ever seen your rabbit suddenly jump in the air and twist their body? That move is called “binkying” and it shows they are super happy! Rabbits only binky when they feel really relaxed and are having fun. If your rabbit binkies when you come near, it means they feel safe and comfy with you.

2. Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding sounds kinda like purring cats. It’s this soft, buzzing noise that means your rabbit feels good. They might grind their teeth when you pet them gentle, or when they snuggle up next to you for some bonding moments. Usually rabbits only do this with humans they trust.

3. Grooming you

Rabbits like to keep themselves impeccably clean through self-grooming. If your rabbit gently licks or nuzzles you with their nose or mouth, they are essentially trying to groom you too. It’s a social bonding behavior that shows affection and acceptance. Let your rabbit groom you (as long as their nipping doesn’t hurt)!

4. Chinning you

Rabbit owners will be familiar with ‘chinning’, where rabbits rub their chin on objects, furniture and even people. This deposits scent glands from their chin onto you, marking you as their property. Far from just territorial behavior, chinning is your rabbit’s way of indicating that you belong to them and they love you.

5. Circling your feet

If your rabbit circles or weaves around your feet, they are dancing with delight that you are paying them attention. Rabbit dancers will also run tight circles around your feet rapidly when you approach them, or their way of excitedly saying “Yay, you’re home!”

6. Closing their eyes

When rabbits close their eyes and relax into a sleepy state around you, it signifies a deep level of comfort and trust. Rabbit sleep with their eyes half open so they are always semi-alert to danger. The fact that they can nap peacefully in your presence demonstrates you make them feel completely safe and secure.

7. Lying down and completely relaxed

As prey animals, rabbits constantly stay on high alert for any potential predators. So when your rabbit flops over on their side all lazy and relaxed instead of sitting upright poised for action – that’s a sure indicator they feel totally at ease in their environment. Your soothing presence sets them completely at ease.

8. Nipping you gently

Nipping may seem like an aggressive behavior, but gentle ‘love bites’ from a rabbit are them trying to get your attention because they love you. It’s their way of saying “Pet me!” or “Hold me!”, especially if you notice the behavior when you stop petting them. Just redirect them to appropriate chew toys.

9. Licking

Rabbits show affection by grooming, so licks from your rabbit are their attempt at reciprocal grooming. Let your rabbit give you kisses as those little licks demonstrate their bonding with you. Just like cats giving ‘kisses’, rabbits may lick your hand, face or nose as a display of affection.

10. Playfulness

When your rabbit binkies, tosses toys in the air playfully or rushes around excitedly, that’s a sign of sheer joy and comfort with their environment. Rabbits engage in zoomies, binkying sequencies and silly hops when they let loose and have fun. If your rabbit seems positively playful in your presence, rejoice – they love you!

In conclusion, rabbits have some wonderfully unique ways of demonstrating their love for the special humans in their lives. Shower your rabbit with head rubs, toys and treats to show you cherish them right back! With time and patience helping deepen the bond, your rabbit is sure to display their devotion in many of the ways above.

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